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Box Dryer
Box Dryer
Box Dryer
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24 Jun 2020
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Specification of Box Dryer

Rice and Corn Drying Machine, Box Dryer Capacity of 5 Tons Automatic / Gas Type.

Box Dryer or commonly called Bed Dryer is a dryer machine for rice, grain, corn, beans, seeds, and spices that are currently popular among the people. Bed Dryer or Box Dryer produski CV. Raja Dryer has a heating or drying system by blowing hot air from that drying object, which has two types, namely Gas Type and Firewood or Husk Type.

For the Gas Type, have used an automatic system because there is no need to set the temperature manually. So that all features are automatic, requiring very low electrical power.
As for the type of Firewood or Husk, it still uses a manual system because it has to standby to maintain the availability of fuel on a regular basis, but it is very popular in rural areas / villages. Because it really saves costs / utilizes existing raw materials for reprocessing (reuse).

The advantages obtained when using this Bed Dryer / Box Dryer are:
1. Can accelerate the drying duration of objects
2. No need to rely on manual drying / solar heat
3. Flexible because it is easily removable
4. Very easy assembly system
5. Very cheap prices
6. Save costs or production costs

Objects that can be dried with a bed dryer:
Rice, rice, corn, beans (soybeans, peanuts, etc.), seeds (coffee, candlenut, nutmeg), spices (ginger turmeric), kitchen ingredients (cardamom, chili), etc.

For capacity, we provide from 500 kg to 10 tons.

If you are curious about the visual video of our Bed Dryer or Box Dryer machine, you can visit our Youtube Channel, "King Dryer Official".

Or more information about specs, and other advantages, can contact us at our Call Center below:

or our official website at

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