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Cake and Cookies
Cake and Cookies
Cake and Cookies
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05 Mar 2020
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Specification of Cake and Cookies

The advantages of using a bread oven machine are:

No need to worry about the baking time, because this machine has been equipped with a timer so you can adjust the level of bread maturity to your liking without having to fear burning.

Gas usage will be more efficient, the article is the engine is moving by using a valve

The room that is placed in the bread oven machine will not feel very hot, because on the wall of this bread oven machine has been coated with heat absorbers or called rockwool / glasswool.

The temperature issued by the bread oven is medium temperature which means the temperature is not too high or too low, the oven temperature is at a stable temperature. This is because the bread oven has a very accurate thermo control.

The heating pipe or burner pipe found on a bread oven machine will not

This bread oven machine can also provide evenly roasting results. The reason is that between fire above and fire below has the same stability.

Electricity consumption will be more efficient, this is because the bread oven works automatically using a thermo control

What about the price offered by King Dryer?

1 deck oven specifications:

There is a Type of LPG Gas or Electricity
Dimensions of P x L x T: 100 x 60 x 60
15kg weight
Stainless steel baking pan
Consists of 2 pans

2 deck oven specifications:

There is a Type of LPG Gas or Electricity
Dimensions of P x L x T: 100 x 60 x 100
Stainless steel baking pan
25kg weight
Consists of 4 pans

Automatic deck gas ovens use LPG gas as the main fuel in the combustion process. plus the use of electric power to control the function of the gas oven automation. the use of electricity in this case is very economical, only requires 400 watts only, so you do not have to worry about expensive electricity and even under 400 watts in the process of use.

Benefits of Using an Automatic Deck Oven:
Save money: the use of LPG gas, because this gas oven has a special valve and spuyer.
Save money: electricity consumption, electricity is only used for control.
Timer: You don't need to keep and perch in front of the oven. This oven will automatically notify you with an alarm if the process has reached the specified time.
Thermo Control: will help you overcome the problem of temperature and bread that is afraid of burning. with thermo the heating process in the oven will be very controlled, you can determine how much the temperature during the roasting process, so that the results of the bread are more fully cooked without any burns.
Top and bottom fire types: this is the advantage of this automatic deck gas oven, the upper and lower fires are completely controlled and automatic.
Security: You do not need to worry about security, this oven is equipped with an alarm warning, if an error and failure of combustion occurs, then you will be warned by alar (alarm sounds).
the main material uses stainless steel options and anti-rust. stronger, sturdy and durable.

We open the opportunity to cooperate and tender, both Commanditaire Vennootschap (CV), Limited Liability Company (PT), and Corp. (Corporation), Inc. (Incorporation), Ltd. (Limited Company), and Tbk. (Open). Cooperation and tenders include procurement (production), suppliers (suppliers), and sales centers for all forms of drying machines.

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