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CV.Raja Pengering - Jual Mesin Pengering Pertanian dan Mesin Pengering Serbaguna

Paddy And Corn Dryer

Our Rice and Corn Drying Machine, CV. Dryer King has several types, including:

a. Rice and Corn Dryer Machine Model Box (Box Dryer / Bed Dryer)
b. Rice and Corn Dryer Machine Model Indoor Heating
c. Rotary Dryer Rice and Corn Machine
d. Rice and Corn Dryer Machine Model (Vertical Dryer)

a. Speed up the drying process
b. No need to worry about weather changes in Indonesia
c. Reducing cost
d. Does not require too much HR
e. Save place
f. Easy operation
g. Sophisticated system
h. Flexible / easy to move

For more information, please contact us at our Customer Service, including:

or visit our official website at:
and our YouTube channel account, on "King Dryer Official".

All of our products are guaranteed for 1 year all spare parts.
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