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Helmet Drying Machine

Selling helmet dryer machines at low prices

helmet is one type of safety device that must be worn when riding on a motorcycle. The helmet functions to protect the head in the event of a collision. An important part of the helmet is the protective foam inside the helmet, which also requires a special virgin. Helmets need to be cleaned by washing and then dried again to be comfortable to use.
We provide various models of quality helmet drying machines at low prices in Indonesia. Our products include:
 - Electric type 2 furnace
 - Electric type 4 furnace
 - Gas type 2 furnace
 - Gas type 4 furnace
 - Gas type UV lamp 2 furnace

Helmet dryer prices vary depending on the type and specifications. This tool is widely used by the helmet washing business, so it does not require solar heat to dry the inside of the helmet. There are two types of drying systems in the helmet drying machine, which are electric power and LPG gas.
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